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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
Lackluster frame rates? What the hell are you going on about?
I'm pointing out that K007s theories about AMD not releasing the "full power" cards for review are highly unlikely. (as are 400MHz factory OCs)

AMD wants to sell cards, and releasing a part that could be clocked at 1300 MHz at 925MHz would be nuts. They want the launch reviews to show their card in the BEST possible light , not the worst. What K007 was saying only would make sense if the 7970 and the 680 were both launching in a year and NVIDIA actually had time for design modifications.

The Sapphire "1300MHz+" paper is likely a fabrication as well, for the same reasons. You'll probably see up to 100MHz factory OCd cards, because no one releases a part at 60% of what it's capable of.

By "lackluster" I mean 15-25% better than last generations best isn't particularly impressive for a totally new chip. It's not a beefdozer, but it's not revolutionary either. Usually companies shoot for 35-50% faster than last gens best to give people who have that solid reason to update. The low end people aren't likely to start buying high end, so you basically have the people that own 6970s and 580s as most of your market. People who have 580s aren't likely to sell them at a big loss and spend a bunch more money to get 15-25% more performance, so that leaves them with the 6970 crowd. Half the market that they had anyway, who are not used to paying $600 for an AMD card.

If these cards were generally capable of 1300MHz speeds, they'd be that (or 1200) in reference form, because EVERYONE (self included) would jump at that.

Last, if there are SPs disabled, it's a yield at current process thing like the GTX480 was. If they had enough fully functioning parts, you'd be seeing them at launch.
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