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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post$525.html

Wow, slashing the price before it even hits the market. Looks to me like ATi just found out something about Kepler the rest of us are going to find out soon.

The rollo interpretation i see, while there's no evidence that the production cost savings will be passed on to the end consumer, and simply increase AMD's profit margin perhaps, but then according to you if they don't pass their savings to the end consumer, that's also a crime if a company makes a bigger profit margin off their high end product, am i right?...

Oh and Btw, i tried battlefield 3 at high quality settings with just 2x AA at 7880*1440( bezel compensated), and the 3 GTX580's are having a hard time keeping it playing smooth(60 Fps)....I basically have to disable AA altogether, so i'm really finding the limits to them.....Heck i don't see any card anytime soon being able to pull off 8X AA at this resolution in battlefield 3 like we see at lower resolutions anytime soon and keeping it playable, as the amount of memory needed would be massive to begin with...Never mind playing at the ultra settings on the game...
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