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Unhappy Linux is too slow??(FreeBSD vs Linux)


I have developed 3D CG software on Ubuntu and FreeBSD.
I use OpenGL and GLSL on recent nvidia driver.

I have a trouble.
Linux is too slow in comparison with FreeBSD (or Windows).

Probably I think that it is independent of linux distribution and driver version.

I have examined Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10, Scientific linux 6.1, Cent OS 6.1 and Fedora 15 on some version of nvidia driver.

Does anyone know the reason?
I need the increase of the performance of our system on Linux.

I make benchmark software.

<How to use>
% tar -zxvf ntlab-oglbench.tgz ; make
% ./ogl-bench 'division_level'

i.e.) division_level is 100
% ./ogl-bench 100

*** GeForce GTX580 ***
division_level 100
FreeBSD is 1724 fps
Linux is 690 fps

division_level 1000
FreeBSD is 317 fps
Linux is 20 fps

*** Quadro 2000 ***
division_level 100
FreeBSD is 1721 fps
Linux is 920 fps

division_level 1000
FreeBSD is 317 fps
Linux is 41 fps

<Our System>
FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE 64bit
Ubuntu Linux 11.10 64bit
FreeBSD: nvidia driver 280.13
Linux: nvidia driver 290.10
Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz
NVIDIA Quadro 2000
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580

Other setting information(Linux).
1. disable nouveau
2. disable Sync to VBlank
3. disable 3D desktop(compiz) setting
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