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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
(shrugs) ATi didn't realize there were "production cost savings" in the last two weeks Shadow. They either decided sales volume would be too low at the proposed MSRP, found orders from retailers/etailers too low at that MSRP, or caught wind of upcoming competition and they wanted to get as much market share as they could.

Simply a change in currency exchange rates can make a difference, or maybe out of the hundreds of components soldered on a video card, suppliers set new prices for some of the components, or maybe yeilds on the GPU's are even better now...

Keeping in mind that the GPU's in this initial batch oh HD7970's were made 2~3 months ago at TSMC....Basically there could be tons of reasons why the price dropped so how about we see in a few weeks

I don't even get why you'd bother testing the 1.5GB cards at 78X14. That res is probably pushing it for 2GB cards at a lot of games and settings, your only option now is 3GB cards.

Actually it's not too bad believe it or not, as i only needed to disable AA for battlefield 3 and kept the high quality settings and it was fully playable in a 64 player online match(damavan park) at 60 FPS....Now one could say that keeping AA disabled is a big sacrifice in IQ, but given that the monitors natively display aat 2560*1440 anyhow, the jagged edges on objects aren't as noticable as on 1920*1080 sceeen.....I suspect that even cards with 3GB onboard will have their hands full at just 4X AA at this nutty resolution.
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