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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
hardware usually not that expensive compared to US, but game prices are a different story.

Skyrim 100
MW3 100
Batman AC 100

On steam we also get hit with a overseas transaction fee as well.

So almost double the price for online download, where as store u pay same price and get box version, no download (or little) and proper manual/etc, and collectors edition/etc..

i grab my 5870 i think 1 or two months after release and i paid about 350ish~ for a vapor-x sapphire version
You're exaggerating on the game thing and your video card in the opposite way.

5870's were at that time were least $550 and went up to as high as $620 AUD. There was a lack of supply of them due to the new 40nm process and our dollar went back down to around 80-90USD for a while in late 09. I got my ASUS for $580, there's no way you got a 5870 for $350 until at least mid way through 2010, i'd say only after the 6970 launch were they that cheap!

6970 was a lot cheaper than the 5870 for many reasons - better supply, much stronger competition, and a stronger dollar locally.

As for games, yes they usually charge a lot more, but Skyrim always has been $89. I found a boxed copy online in AUS for $59, although I had to wait for two weeks after launch to get it. Big title games on steam are very steep though.

As for 7970, it will probably cost a little more than 5870's did in their first 6 months of sale here as the situation is very similar. Our dollar is better, but supply is possibly even lower and recommended retail prices are higher. I'm thinking prices will start at $600AUD and go to $700AUD. Some initial listings may be higher.
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