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Default Re: Microsoft Flight to be released this spring as a FREE download

Most simmers are not too pleased with MS's plan, but from a marketing standpoint it's an excellent way to infect a wide range of people with the add-on bug. Many people who purchased FSX probably have no idea there is such an extensive add-on market. If you've got money to burn, and an interest in aviation, buying add-ons is really addictive. I've probably spent well over $1000 on my FSX aircraft and sceney collection. It's quite fun to have someplace to new to explore, as well as a new high performance machine to do it with.

I just wonder how many developers will actually move over to Flight from FSX. Most of the major FSX developers have stated they plan to stick with FSX until such time the sales of Flight add-ons surpase FSX add-on sales. With most FSX simmers seemingly shunning Flight, and claiming they will stick with FSX, I'm interested to see how it unfolds. I'm sure MS will be working full time on add-on development, so perhaps even if the 3rd party devs don't kick in, new content will be flowing regardless.
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