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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Sorry but you didn't get your 5870 for $350 since the RRP in the US was $399 and with poor supply they usually went for over $400 for the first 5-6 months hovering between $410 and $450.

Then the dollar history,

Didn't get on par again until the very end of 2010, at the beginning it was below 90, so you'd be paying is 11% for the exchange and 10% for GST, that's $500AUD. Plus a bit of price gouging and it's what they were - $520-620. I use staticICE search, that was the price range everywhere in aus, I payed a bit more for the ASUS because of the warranty and bios that allowed for higher core voltage (never used it ). I'm pretty sure none had custom coolers until around march or so? I bought mine in early jan, maybe you bought it in march, I still think they were over $500AUD then though.

Sorry I don't mean to argue, I just hate people relying on their fuzzy memory and in turn spreading misinformation.

Okay I found this, a historical listing of AUS prices from 2009,

Look on the far right to see when they were last changed. Cheapest in OCT2009 was a HIS for $515, most expensive was a Gigabyte for $762, obviously price gouging there, as there was the same card at ITsky for $560, but as you can see on the right it dropped $127... so for some brands in very short supply price gouging was crazy high.
Sorry i am not going to get into this anymore. I don't have the receipt anymore, and i dont have time to prove this to you.

End of story.
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