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Default Re: Cheap 775 cooling?

When it comes to thermal grease you should apply a very thin layer, like a millimeter. So spread it as thin as you can using like an old credit card or some such.
The surface of the cpu and the bottom of the heatsink have tiny microscopic imperfections which traps air. Air is very bad at transferring heat. You apply thermal grease to fill in these imperfections giving the best possible contact between the two surfaces.
Thing is though, the thermal grease isn't all that good at transferring heat either (though its better then just air) so if you have too much of it, it can have a negative effect.

I too have an old cpu, an e6750 (2.66ghz) overclocked to 3.52ghz currently.
Idle temp is 34c and during load its about 50c.
This is with an Antec Kühler 920 and Arctic silver 5.
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