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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
It was impressive, but they should have showed some Multiplayer. That is where the FPS will really show up. There's way more going on than in the single player. Still it does perform nicely.

True, but the results aren't repeatable in multiplayer as a lot more variables come into play there, while if someone has the same setup and plays at those same settings as shown in the video, along with the same driver set, the their results should be identical in single player mode....

Now comes to time to decide how to power up a Quad setup given that i'm only using a single PSU, and the answer is i can't since i'm one 6 pin PCI-e power connector short, but there's still one option available as AMD is rumored to launch the dual GPU HD7990 cards on the first half of march, so i could get a pair of those rather than 4 seperate HD7970's, and they'd be water cooled to keep temperatures and noise in check, and at least 400$ cheaper while freeing up another X16 PCI-e slot in the process...

They're rumored to be 850$ a piece, so that's 1700$ for a pair, versus 2200$ for four HD7970's, so i'd get quad crossfire for less and being water cooled, they'd still overclock decently...Probably not as much as four HD7970's, but it is a 500$ cheaper option, so worth considering if the crossfire scaling is there, but we'll know for sure once they're reviewed..

It doesn't leave Nvidia much time to anounce something soon if they want my money basically...
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