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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
It all really depends on the timing of how things turn out really, as it usually takes about a month after the card is released to retail for companies like EK, swiftech, koolance, heatkiller to get their blocks out, so that's the worst case scenario.

If however AMD supplied some cards to those companies ahead of time so that they could get the blocks done by the time the cards hit retail on january 9th, i'll buy them on the spot.

Or the third and final option is one of the major brands that carry AMD cards releases a water cooled version off the bat...Wichever happends first is the winner basically.
You could save yourself a lot of time if you simply researched all your assumptions before. If you did you would see those companies already have blocks designed.
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