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Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
there's SO much russian text ingame, it is hilarious for me but honestly, very few games pulled me in as much as that one did. the almost constant howl of the wind... the dripping water... I got it for free with my GTX275 but I would gladly pay full price anytime.
From what I've read up on the game it does sound rather fun. I'll be sure to pick it up.

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I know how you feel Redeemed. I didn't know what to play after Saint's Row 3. I had a ton of games from the Steam sales. Ended up playing Assassin's Creed Revelations, but also used the money I saved on the Steam sales to buy a car to occupy my time. ::
Well, internet has been hit or miss here (router and wireless adapter likely going out). Finally get it working and I try to launch Origin so I can activate my copy of BF3- and origin wont launch. The login prompt keeps saying my username or p.word is incorrect- and they are not incorrect.

The backstory- I got BF3 for x-mas. Due to connection issues and my folks visiting over this passed weekend I just finally finished DL'ing BF3 this morning. Go figure- all that time to DL it and I can't login to origin now to activate it. WTF??? So I've gone back and started playing AvP again. Beat the Alien and Predetor campaigns just working on the marine now. It is enjoyable.
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