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Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
try get BF3 figured out... EA has a live chat support service if i am not mistaken. try logging in with your email and not some ID, and the password should be the password you always use for EA.... You probably tried this already....
No I am well aware of what my log in information is. Finally let me in.

However I've determined I loathe battlelog after my first few seconds with it. My reasoning is not going to be popular nor shared by many- living out in the country as I do and in my present living arrangement an internet connection is not gauranteed. Having to launch the SP campaign from a web site is absolutely retarded, imo. Another game I enjoy does this- The Hunter. In order to launch the game you have to log into your account on their website, and then start your hunt which then launches the actual game. Irritating as when my internet access is gone I have no means of playing the game.

I know- I'm in the minority. Doesn't change anything for me though.
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