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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
The new HD 7970 looks to be a good card and the 7990 looks even better if it is going to be priced at The $800 to $850 because two HD 7970 will run around $1100 if the prices stay at what they say.
You will never see a part that offers the performance of two comparable parts for less money. A.Single boards carry a premium because they can be used on non CF/SLi mobos, and can create quad GPU scenarios easier. B. Companies don't cannibalize their own sales like that.

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
If the GTX 680 is not comeing out until the end of 2012 ,I see AMD stock going up .Because the few that want the fastest card is not going to want to wait to the end of next year.I know the top end cards don't make up the most buiness ,it usally the lower end and I can see why nvidia is wanted to wait,look at all the problems they had with the GTX 480.By the end of the year thier yields should be a lot better.But if they get real good yields I see the GTX 680 comeing out sooner.
That's because you look at it like a consumer of video cards, not a business person. The year the 5870 launched with no DX11 competition from NVIDIA, NVIDIA gained market share from ATi in Q4 just by selling existing parts at lower prices. And you're forgetting AMD is a much larger company than ATi and cannot be supported by ATi's sales to half the video card market. And you're forgetting the reason ATi sold out to AMD in the first place: even though they often had competitive or even better parts, they very seldom made money. That's still the case, they make a few million, lose a few million, never really break out and bank high profits.

Personally I wouldn't mind seeing NVIDIA selling 28nm Fermi based products clocked higher this year. Don't see any great need for DX11.1 this month or soon, and I think parts like that would compete well. If reading 800 7970 reviews has taught me anything it's that a. GTX580s are way better than 6970s b. 7970s aren't much better than GTX580s, especially the 3GB ones for the multimonitor crowd.

If NVIDIA told me today "Rollo, you are just one crazy f***. Take our name out of your sig and lose our phone numbers." I wouldn't bother updating to 7970s. I'd still wait for Keplers, or something better from ATi.
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