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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Money shouldn't even be an argument when talking about setups like that. You either buy the best or go home. Counting Dollars is not an option in the 4 GPU segment

There's not much to go on in terms of performance numbers, but the one benchmark that VR-zone ran on both the 3 card configuration and the 4 card configuration was 3D mark vantage, there the 3 card one scored a little over 21 000 points and the 4 card version at 23 000 points, but this is at the performance setting, and heavily CPU limited with that much GPU firepower under the hood.

On the extreme settings, it was 8900 points for the 3 card configuration, and 10 300 for the 4 card setup, so the extra card isn't adding much overall, but this is just vantage and nothing else, so hardly a complete picture..
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