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Default Re: Obviously PC gaming is dead.

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Nope, was just poking fun at him... Glad it's annoying and old. Fits you well.

It's nice though that steam is growing that fast.
I love how your cheeks turn that bright red and your lips pucker when you're angry.

The topic of PC Gaming dying- it's discussed to death every year, revived, then discussed to death again, revived yet again and discussed to death and this seems to never end. You've been here long enough you know how many pointless threads we've had on this topic. PC Gaming isn't going anywhere that much is obvious by now. It may be changing but for the foreseeable future it is here to stay.

Now as to steam yes that is great news indeed. You'll not hear me complain one bit about that, and I hope Steam continues to grow, same with Origin. Competition breeds innovation, each company finding some method to one-up the other, which turns into a victory for consumers.

Anyhow I'm sorry to have interrupted your highly intellectual re-hashing of PC Gaming's status. Carry on with your enlightened discussion, I'll say no more.
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