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Default Re: Obviously PC gaming is dead.

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
It's nice though that steam is growing that fast.
PR nonsense.

It's funny that you guys slurp this stuff up like it's some amazing accomplishment.

1) When those 5 million users were logged in at the same time, only about 500k were playing games, which means that most of those users were probably those people who let Steam load when they turn on their PC. When 5 million people are actually playing games on Steam at any one time I'll be impressed.

2) 14.5 million Steamworks games were sold in 2011, which would account for Steams growth. That's 14.5 million people who had to use Steam without choosing to. I can't think of a single person who downloaded Steam because of Steam, it's always them buying a game that requires it first.

Who here doubts that if Blizzard or EA or Activision made you register with their service to play any other their games they'd have 40 million users? Origin had 5 million users in it's first few months, why? Because they forced you to use the service...just like Steam.
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