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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Didn't know I was voted that either. Thanks for the heads up!
You weren't. You've just taken it upon yourself to flame NVIDIA and anyone supporting them any chance you see, and promote ATi.

The 7970s are an evolutionary advance over December 2010, along the same lines as a "Ultra" version of the GTX580 level of performance. Yet you and some others act like they're the next 9700Pro or 8800GTX.

What's interesting is that all the reviews of the 7970 show the same level of performance difference between the GTX580 and the 6970, and the GTX580 and the 7970. For the last year you've told us about how the difference in performance between the 6970 and the GTX580 is "meaningless" and "not worth paying more money for".

Yet now you are telling everyone the very same difference in performance is "amazing" and "well worth paying for".

If this card would have launched December 2010 and been the highest price card, all I could have said is "Yep, it's worth it. Only reason anyone has to buy a GTX580 is if they want the 3d or PhysX".

But it's launching in January 2012, so all I can say is "This card is likely to be trumped very soon by a similarly priced card that will likely offer at least a similar level of higher performance and the better 3d and PhysX.".

So it's a good card, but not at early adopter etailer gouger prices, but at the price it will settle into when Kepler launches and forces it's pricing where it belongs in the pricing structure of 2012.
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