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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
That's pretty strange. I've used my 1.5GB per GPU GTX590 on my 57X10 rig at 4X AA and on my 25X16 rig at whatever AA I like.

As I recall, you don't even have a 25X16 monitor, and here you are, going on about the necessity of 2GB VRAM for your relatively low res needs.

The only way you need 3 cards or more than 1.5GB of VRAM is to run levels of AA that offer such minute gains no one else really bothers with them. Your rig is as unbalanced as you are- you settle for no surround, no 3d, no physx, no 25X16, and run tri-fire for pointless AA levels.
Wow, how did I know you would post a reply like that... You're so predictable it's almost funny.

In BF3 my game will use up to 1900MB of vram depending on the map with only 2xAA. Serious Sam 3 which I just got actually used all of my 2GB of vram with all the settings turned up. Still ran smoothly. Skyrim will also see over 1.5GB of vram with high ugrids and numerous other settings tweaked. Eyefinity doesn't interest me one bit, and neither does physx, and 3d.

My monitor is also 2560x1440, only 409,600 pixels less than 2560x1600, but 1,612,800 pixels more than 1920x1080.

BTW, I run trifire for FPS, with AA levels. I can't play games under 60fps, it makes my eyes hurt, and I can notice substantial input lag.
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