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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Wow, how did I know you would post a reply like that... You're so predictable it's almost funny.

In BF3 my game will use up to 1900MB of vram depending on the map with only 2xAA. Serious Sam 3 which I just got actually used all of my 2GB of vram with all the settings turned up. Still ran smoothly. Skyrim will also see over 1.5GB of vram with high ugrids and numerous other settings tweaked. Eyefinity doesn't interest me one bit, and neither does physx, and 3d.

My monitor is also 2560x1440, only 409,600 pixels less than 2560x1600, but 1,612,800 pixels more than 1920x1080.

BTW, I run trifire for FPS, with AA levels. I can't play games under 60fps, it makes my eyes hurt, and I can notice substantial input lag.

Even 2X AA is completely out of the question for me using 3 displays at 7880*1440 with BF3 and 3 GTX580's....It's strait no AA and it's a rough experience depending on the map( performs worse on the larger maps).

It flies on id software's Rage and on EVE online, and modern warfare or duke nukem forever, so it's basically some of the latest game releases, using the latest game engines, that pushes the setup over the edge....It's just too much at the resolutions i'm playing, but at least i get to find out what the fermi GPU's can and can't do.

And no, i don't think that getting the 3 GB versions of the GTX580 makes sense since i have my doubts that the extra memory will allow to enable 4X AA back at this resolution and keep 50 Fps minimums like it used to at 5760*1200....Right now it can dip to 20 Fps minimums in BF3 with no AA on, so tripling that minimum with 4X AA on to boot, nope just extra memory isn't enough....GPU's with a greater amount of performance will be needed too.

Will 3 water cooled HD7970's be enough?....That's what we're going to find out soon, but they will do a better job that the GTX580's in any case...
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