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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Are you mentally retarded or just get your personal kick still replying to this thread?....First i don't know what those results have to do with me since i run with 3 screens, second it's been shown that HD7970's scale better than any previous AMD GPU, and at least in some games reaching nearly 100% scaling from 1 to 2 GPU's wich is something i've never seen before in either SLI or crossfire, third i'll be running 3 cards and fourth, they'll be water cooled and overclocked too.

Get your head out of your ass when you reply....There's simply not enough benchmarks out there with my specific setup in mind, so stop with the stupid comments and comparisons...
Never seen nearly 100% scaling in SLi? Guess you weren't looking:,2694-4.html

13.5fps X 2 = 27fps SLi= 26fps,2694-5.html

90.3 X 2 = 180.6 SLi= 178.4,2694-6.html

28.4 X 2 = 56.8 SLi= 55.6

Hmmm- GTX460s were doing almost 100% scaling back in July 2010
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