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Default AGP Fast write and SiS 735 not supported ?


I was just about to upgrade to the latest driver build 3123 from:
NVRM version: NVIDIA NVdriver Kernel Module 1.0-2960 Tue May 14 07:41:42 PDT 2002
GCC version: gcc version 3.1.1

for my /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0:
Model: GeForce2 GTS
IRQ: 11
Video BIOS:
Card Type: AGP

when I saw that currently /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status:
Status: Enabled
AGP Rate: 4x
Fast Writes: Disabled <---
SBA: Disabled

with /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/card:
Fast Writes: Supported <---
SBA: Not Supported
AGP Rates: 4x 2x 1x
Registers: 0x1f000017:0x1f000104

but /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/host-bridge:
Host Bridge: SiS 735
Fast Writes: Not Supported <---
SBA: Supported
AGP Rates: 4x 2x 1x
Registers: 0x1f000207:0x00000104

I googled and read that this Board ECS K7S5A should support Fast Write, but there is no bios-setting to switch it on or off :-/

I also tried using the driver's internal AGP and loading the NVdriver with NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1, but that didn't help.

Now my question is, wether it is a missing kernel feature for this chipset or a driver issue ? Could I force use of Fast Write by changing os-registry.c ? Or is it a kernel-related issue about AGP ?

Did anyone manage to enable Fast Write with a geForce 2 and a SiS 735 chipset ?

Any comments are very welcome.

Btw, I couldn't search the forums for "sis AND 735" because of the 4-letter-minimum-search-security feature, thus I hope this hasn't been discussed a million times before Please forgive, if so.

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