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Default Honestly, why iphone?

I have a friend who is an apple fanboy. Owns a macintosh, airport extreme, and an iphone. He's asking me to help him transfer a voice recording off of his iphone to his mac, and the app gives instructions to point his web browser to the IP address of his phone (which it gives) in order to download the file.

After a process of figuring out how to configure his airport to enable wireless, we got to the point of configuring his iphone to connect to his airport. After giving it the network name and password, it just says "unable to join the network." No explanation of why it can't join it, doesn't give any indication as to whether its a layer 2 or 3 problem, doesn't indicate if there's a problem with the signal, or if there's a problem with the crypto key. Just "unable to join the network."

So we troubleshoot by having his mac connect to the network over wifi (it was wired.) It connects just fine. So we google the words "iphone unable to join airport extreme" and it turns out that the solution is to put the iphone into the freezer for 10 minutes, and then it should be able to connect until it goes back to room temperature.

The FREEZER?! Are you f*cking kidding me?

WTF happened to "it just works"? Just works my ass.
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