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Default Re: [GNOME] gnome-shell/mutter/clutter unusably SLOW: 173xx

I am on Debian Testing with latest nvidia driver. I am still facing this issue of garbled images in Gnome-shell session with browsers,image viewer softwares etc.

I am on Gnome-3.2 and it is not fixed yet. Here is a earlier thread started by Me.
Originally Posted by praka123 View Post
I have upgraded to Gnome3(version:3.2) in Debian Testing.
In Gnome-Shell(Gnome3) Session, Firefox shows misaligned pages, particularly the ones having more images,flash etc. also, jerky scrolling. it occurs in random websites. I managed to capture one image when I was posting a youtube video to a forum:

I have tried disabling sync vblank settings and it doesn't help.
While in Gnome-fallback option, Firefox(Iceweasel) works fine.
Is this an issue with nvidia driver?
nvidia (debian)version: 290.10
gfx card: nvidia geforce 7300GT
distro: Debian wheezy/sid

Is this a issue involving nvidia driver and Gnome3's mutter window manager/clutter library?
I cannot find a solution for it till now.

Please show a lead.

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