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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
But as I said before (that picture/card has been posted already!), coolers like that are just horrible for SLI/CF. I'd say away from those cards and just get one with the reference cooler.
You are correct, had that problem with my Palit 2GB 560Tis as well.

The EVGA Classified GTX580s have a rear intake design so you can sandwich four of them together.

You can SLi/CF those XFXs if you have a board with 3 PCIE slots though, you'd just put one in the bottom slot and one in the top. That's what I did with the Palits, and what I'm doing with my 580s.

That's the one advantage ATi's mixed CF has- a 6990 plus a 6970 can be spaced and still give you 3 GPU scaling without having to watercool of find specialty cards with rear intakes and cases like Silverstone Ravens.

BTW- I used to run a half height Creative Card for this reason- you might try that or external. I just use the motherboard sound and try to buy motherboards with "decent" sound. (I know it's not as good, but that heat thing is annoying)
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