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Default Re: Which to take? MSI/Asus & Corsair/G-Skill

I swear by G.Skill, it is the only RAM I'll buy anymore. Never received DOA RAM, never received defective RAM, and any RAM I've bought has lasted a very long time. Heck, the 4GBs of DDR400 I was sporting over 5 years ago with my FX-60 is still running very strong in my parent's computer (they have my old gaming rig).

I realize that just because I've never had issues with G.Skill that doesn't mean nobody will ever have issues with them- like Bob's friend for example. I'm sure the same can be said for Corsair or most any other brand. However all I have to go off of is my personal experience and so far I've yet to be let down by G.Skill. I think you'll be very pleased as well.
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