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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

I have to be honest- the more I look at this new lineup the more I feel let down. Sure, the 7970 is great when compared to the 6970, the 7970 does very well at higher resolutions, and it is great in crossfire.

However it seems a little under whelming when compared to present-gen nVidia cards. Some posts up Shadow001 posted some numbers of the 7970 against a 580 and it for the most part just barely outpaces the 580. Crossfire of course is untouchable right now, unless compared to dual 580s.

I was expecting more to be honest. I was expecting a far greater lead over the 580 than what the 7970 offers. Honestly I hope this isn't the best AMD has to offer, it'd seem mighty surprising if Kepler doesn't destroy this GPU. From my experience nVidia typically comes close to doubling previous gen performance with every new GPU release. So Kepler I would expect to nearly double the performance of a 580. I'd say 50% - 75% increase over a 580 and there's no way a 7970 can match that even with mature drivers.

No, I'm hoping AMD has something up there sleeves. This just seems like they opted to release first instead of focus on having a more competitive product.

Anyhow, a lot of speculation still as Kepler is a ways off. I'm starting to think I won't be buying any new GPU this year. Maybe next year with the 8 series from AMD. Or who knows, maybe I'll find a Kepler that offers GTX 580 performance while be very conservative on the heat and power fronts, for a reasonable price. If so, and even with how much I've been pleased with my recent AMD cards, it'd be back to nVidia for me.
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