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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by i SPY View Post
Well Nvidias GK104 doesn't look that much better either.

*rumour alert*

Its suppose to be a 570gtx replacement and ~90-96% faster, nothing special if its true.. Imo the only thing that looks good is GK100, but that's still far far way..

GK104 69fps
570gtx 37fps

Also it looks like GK106 or 760gtx is at 570gtx stock speeds performance.

btw; sorry for offtopic
Errr...that's not "impressive" to you?

Do you realize you just posted information that (if true) means NVIDIA's second tier chip makes the HD7970 look like a piece of crap?

GTX570s trade benches with 6970s (current ATi flagship part), 7970s (next gen ATi flagship part) are around 40% faster than GTX570s and 6970s.

If the GK104 (NV 2nd tier replacement) is indeed 90-96% faster it's a whopping 50-56% faster than ATi's next gen flagship part! The 7970 will be called BeefDozer Part Deux or Faildozer Rev2 by everyone on the net if you are right.

The GK100 will likely beat a dual gpu 7970, or be close enough to it no one in their right mind would bother CF.

I truly hope you and your post are right, it would be epic news for all gamers if true. The only people who would be sorry to see this come to pass work at AMD.
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