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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
It would seem more in line with past launches that the GK104 be approximately equal to the 7970. Earlier in this thread I believe I said that if NV releases a second o r third tier part that equals or comes close to the 7970 first it would be good strategy and keep NV in half the high end market.

Then again, every now and again a breakout part happens. (E.G. 9700Pro, 8800GTX) So who knows till we see it?

Not 33 Fps versus 69 Fps at the same settings between an HD7970 and this GK104....Being faster is one thing, as we've seen 25~30% performance gaps but not over 100% faster for the same generation and using the same fab process

If it were, there would be no point in releasing an even higher end version of kepler, or a dual GPU version of the Kepler in a single card...Heck, the GK104 single GPU card would compete with the HD7990 dual GPU, assuming the latter scales perfectly to close to 100% in every game, wich it never will in every game.

There's what's technically possible, and then there's pure fantasy...
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