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Default Re: Official Batman Arkham City Feedback Thread

The game is running good for me in DX11 (with patch) at max settings, physx high (vsync off), and 4X FSAA with the exception of one battle. The first Joker battle (with train tracks on both sides). For some reason that one battle runs like a slide show, feels like about 5 fps. Once I get through that battle, it returns to the same performance as the rest of the game. I see nothing in that battle that would account for such a slow down compared to the rest of the game. Hell I get through the Penguin battle (where he's shooting the freeze gun at you) with all the physx stuff going on without so much as a burp. Dunno what's up with that one section.

As far as comparing the two games. It's close but I prefer the first one a little better. This is mainly because getting all the Riddler stuff is a bit too tedious for me in the second game. In the first game I can get it all (and have fun doing it) before the last battle with the Joker. Second game I've played 3 times now and still haven't got them all. The fun factor getting them gets lost after awhile and I lose interest. I come away feeling kind of incomplete. I think they could have designed those better in the second game. To me they tried to do too much with them and missed the mark on game flow. Just my opinion.
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