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Default 7970 CF issues

We have to comment on our CrossFire issues in this article and of course point out that these are NOT XFX's fault. Instead, we seem to have found a fault with the AMD drivers and its QA program. The problem of not seeing any scaling at 2560x1600 in Battlefield 3 (and ONLY 2560x1600) while seeing no scaling in Batman: Arkham City, crashes at 2560x1600 in Skyrim and the large dips in frame rate in Deus Ex: Human Revolution are pretty dramatic and damning for the brand new architecture.

Please keep in mind that we tried more than our fair share of fixes to try and get these errors corrected even to the point of using a completely different motherboard and system. It was all consistent, and it was all repeatable. When we asked AMD about the issues they basically told that since not many people had a pair of these cards to do CrossFire testing yet, these things weren't out of the ordinary.
Way to reward your best customers AMD- rigs that don't work in four of the hottest games of the holiday season.

NOTE: It appears the CF scaling issues may be limited to 16:10 aspect ratios (e.g. 25X16) and isolated games (e.g. Skyrim).

NOTE 2: Timing and driver revision is always a factor in cases like this, Guru3d got some nice scaling in several games in their 7970 CF review. I wouldn't say 7970 CF (or CF in general) is at the level of SLi, but Guru3ds results are promising.
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