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Default Re: What Game Are You Currently Playing?

BF3 but getting tired of the random drops and cheaters. Seeing some idiot go 180-1 gets old ... then you hope to another server and ... 80-0.... and yet a third in the same night and you get killed by some other idiot... check his stats on and see 500 kills with a gun and only 10 shots fired.

BTW a great way to find hackers... look at weapon accuracy... some guys are 6,000% and they will have hundreds of kills and only a few shots fired.

Like this:

Look at his accuracy with SV98 (1266% 418 kills / 33 shots fired) and M4A1 1688% (150 kills / 9 shots fired)

We found some guys last night with 16,000% accuracy. Reported them, nothing yet. Cheaters are ruining this game.
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