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Smile A little window mod I made (with pictures)

I really wish I had the tools and the knowhow to mod chassis and all that awesome stuff like DarthBeavis do.
But I do have access to Plotters, huge printers and various materials at work

For this I used a sticky semi transparent materials used to make "window frostings" with. We can cut them out, print on them or both. Customers who order stuff in this material want to have it for store windows with printed or cutout logos, conference rooms etc.

This is the result on my now old Thermaltake Kandalf chassi.
Please excuse the crappy image quality from my cellphone camera.

I used the small plotter for this one. It's about a meter wide and only make cutouts from vector shapes. The little ninja on the right side of the machine is a black vinyl cutout.

The dragon has been cut out and I have removed the excess material. I made two in case I would screwup.

Now I'm putting a very sticky transfer paper on top.

With the sticky transfer paper in place, I can carefully peel of the protective backside of the dragon cutout.

Now the sticky side of the dragon is exposed.

And it can be applied to the inside of the window.

A view from the other side.

And now the sticky transfer paper has been removed and the Dragon is in place

When next I have some spare time I'll make a big white vinyl cutout to put on the other side of the chassi where there's no window, but I dunno what motif to have there yet.
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