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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Sweet! Before I got a Surround setup, I used to play games on a TV that was sitting right in front of me on my table. I know how great it can be for non-working related tasks.
But yours seems to be mounted quite high. Isn't it a bit too high? If you look straight at the TV, you're probably only looking at the lower third of the screen, judging by your photos. Do you need to tilt back your head a lot or do you just lean back in your seat?
Yeah, had to decide on the height a fair bit before I installed the TV mount. It was a compromise between when I am gaming (sitting up close) and when I am watching a movie (sitting further back on the couch). My seat leans back a fair bit so it helps, but it still sucks on long gaming sessions.

Originally Posted by trivium nate View Post

no those arent all of my pc games
How do you use the KB+M on the floor? Gotta get uncomfortable really soon irregardless of the position.
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