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Default Re: Honestly, why iphone?

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Sure, you can get around it. But that's just not for me.

I like tweaking as well but not on stuff I use daily and depend on. That's why I'm a Mercedes and Apple guy
As an example, I don't mind if my PC is down for two weeks because I'm testing or changing something. But if my Macs, iPhone or car would not work, I'd be in trouble...
Most of the tweaks I mention should never cause the device to break/crash.

And for my phone, if I break it while tweaking, a simple SBF (i.e. restore) to stock Gingerbread takes about 10 minutes total. Google stores all my contacts and appointments, while Titanium backup stores all my apps/settings. So I can go from nothing to up and going in about 15-20 minutes if I break something.

Obviously, you shouldn't attempt to tweak major things or change the rom while you're on the road.
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