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Default Re: Honestly, why iphone?

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
The biggest issue with Android are those stupid front-ends that every manufacturer has to slap on the otherwise good OS. Pure Android would be much better. Luckily, Google seems to make a push in that direction finally by forcing a base interface for all manufacturers!
Stock android is much better. You couldn't be any more right.

I don't understand the appeal of an iPhone. I'd rather not have details abstracted, it makes it frustrating and difficult to use. In your example I've never had an issue mounting my android phone and copying files to / from a pc. I've also never had wireless not work (except for beta builds of ROMs).

I honestly think android gets a bad rap because people are buying the garbage phones like the Atrix, Bionic, Thunderbolt and Fascinate and are put off by the problems and stability issues.

I have not had any issues at all (seriously) with my Nexus S. It's been an amazing phone and leaps and bounds ahead of other android phones (particularly the Epic 4g which I owned) because of it's stability and stock android.
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