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Default Re: Honestly, why iphone?

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
No people are stupid moronic consumers and like shiny things because other people have shiny things. Apple is great at marketing their products to make them seem special.

They use words like magical in their campaigns and silly people eat it up. Windows ftw! Still.
excactly, apple does do a good job at appealing to the general consumer crowd into fooling them into believing their products are better. Oh look its shiny. In some cases apple fanboys are like cult followers, “oh apple made it iz must have it, me can’t look at competition, the great apple will be furious”
And then you have apple as a company, oh no, some people are realizing that our products are ****, and more and more people buy android. Android is has 15+% more market share then us, we must sue our competition.
Windows 8 the next big failure, right after Windows ME
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