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Default Re: Obviously PC gaming is dead.

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
My point is there is a difference between concurrent and total users. People are touting this 5 million users mark like it's a lot of people playing through Steam when it's not nearly that impressive for a service that has been around for nearly a decade now.

There were as many people playing WoW and TOR at peak yesterday than the entirety of Steam combined. That's two games, versus the 1,800 games available on Steam.

And no, you don't have to register with Blizzard, or Activision, or EA for all of their games. The only game that forces you to log in to Origin at this point is BF3. Blizzard doesn't have a service like Steam, yet, and Activision games are linked to Steam. If any of these companies decided tomorrow that you could no longer play their games without using their front end they would immediately dwarf Steam.

Growing on it's own would be impressive. Forcing growth by making people use your product to play the games they buy doesn't impress me in the slightest. We might as well be having press releases on how many systems Securom is installed on and celebrate it like it's an accomplishment.
Blizzard has Battlenet. So far you are required to log into Battlenet to play WoW and SCII. Doesn't bother me at all just pointing out that you have to log into a similar service like Origin.
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