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Default Re: Honestly, why iphone?

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Care to elaborate on the issues you're having and what phone you're using?
My phone is the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S). First of all the GPS chip in it sucks more than Bob on a chili dog at a gay bar. It was the main reason I bought the phone and it is horrible. Next up we have the fun times of having to reboot the phone to get a signal after leaving an area where I was connected to wifi. I also can't get half of the picture messages to show up.
My wife has a Garminfone and the GPS on it is wonderful (of course since it is a Garmin) the rest of the phone is pretty pitiful, extremely slow and locks up at least twice a day. It came with Android 1.6 and was low spec even new so yea the hardware is a lot to blame too.

None of these may be specifically Android problems but it has left a bad taste in my mouth. My wife loves her ipad and I really like ios compared to Android myself (never thought I'd be saying this as I won't even try a Mac, I'm strictly PC). Ios just seems much more polished and smooth to me. I do NOT want to have to download tweaks and roms to fix crap that should work already.
I am going for a Tracfone as I rarely even use my phone (mainly used for texting) but when my wife gets her next phone I don't want her having problems and bugging me to look at it and fix it all the time either.

As for which one won't or will break when dropped, how about taking care of your stuff and not dropping it?
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