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Default Re: AMD Radeon HD 7970 Benchmark Thread.

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Pussied out already? All that talk about buying 3 7970's for the longest time and you don't do it...

Well as i said in my previous post(or just implied it), i play a lot of battlefield 3 these days and for the forseable future, so seeing a 354% scaling in eyefinity with a Quad setup in that particular game at 5760*1080 in ultra mode means that not only is it scaling in crossfire, but also crossfire with eyefinity enabled, and offering performance greater than a 3 card setup in the process.

A pair of HD7990's is 1700$(850$ a piece according to rumors), so that places it just 50$ more than 3 HD7970's, needs one less full cover block for water cooling and can be easily powered by my current PSU and frees up an X16 PCI-e slot in the process....Add that it's release date is about 2 months from now(march 12th), so it's not that long in the big scheme of things.
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