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Default Re: Honestly, why iphone?

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I know, but the two Google Maps apps are completely different. Google keeps the more advanced features for Android.

I doubt that Google lets Apple use their map service for free. Wasn't there a speculation going around a few months ago that Google wants to "officially" charge license fees for Google Maps integration?

Anyway, Apple also invested in some mapping and navigation firms, I guess they won't use Google's map service much longer.

Google's other apps have to go through the same process as other Developer's apps. If they don't follow Apple's directions and review rules, they're not accepted.
Not sure what example you're referring to but Google's Mail client got kicked recently because it was buggy - pretty embarrassing for a company like Google.

btw, Google didn't create Android - they bought the company in 2005. So you shouldn't pull that card when referring to Apple and Siri
I didn't mean to imply they wrote it from the ground up, but it's advancement and widespread use is largely due to the fact that it was purchased by Google. The draconian type rule that Apple has imposed on their device was certainly a part of the motivation for Google's push of Android and the open source model they employ with the OS.

And Apple is notorious for rejecting applications for the most minute problems, with no explanation whatsoever. Some apps make it through, others are rejected. Despite there being a set of guidelines, many devs feel like the process is completely subjective. For example, Google Voice was rumored to be rejected because AT&T didn't want competition on their devices. I'm sure there's a clause that allows Apple to reject any app at any time (as most companies have such clauses), but you'd think they'd be more reasonable.
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