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Crossfire is usable with 2 Cards, everything also looks ridiculous compared to SLI

"Given the excellent performance displayed and Technology ZeroCore Power which removes nuisance related to multi-GPU at rest, a whole tri-GPU based Radeon HD 7970 seems to be ideal for gourmands enjoy the games on 3 screens 5760x1080, without compromising on graphics quality. Unfortunately, this is not the case, two problems arise.
The first is a lack of investment from AMD at the early establishment of profiles CrossFire X. While some developers may not be cooperative, to be sure the Steam versions may represent an additional difficulty, of course the games that support multiple APIs (DX9, DX10, DX11) require additional work. All this is true, but it is not the problem gamblers. From the time when AMD sells and promotes a multi-GPU solution is AMD to ensure that it works and quickly. Having to wait weeks or months for some games is not acceptable, let alone when it comes to games that affect a large number of players such as Crysis 2 or Batman Arkham City. This problem arises in bi-GPU and is growing in tri-GPU. The fact that AMD finally allows the creation of personal profiles CrossFireX is a step in the right direction, but it is insufficient. If the situation is not perfect on the side of Nvidia, these problems are less common profiles and generally resolved more quickly.
The second problem is the uneven pace of displaying images in multi-GPU, either with 2 or 3 cards, making it difficult to really enjoy the performance of these graphics systems. Why have a system capable of computing 60 frames per second at 5760x1080 in Battlefield 3 if the flow is felt rather than 20 fps? We do not know exactly where does this, but it seems recurrent in this resolution. Insufficient bandwidth links CrossFireX to transfer images of this size? Synchronization difficult to manage when the rendering time is much higher than the CPU processing time? A lack of work on the combination CrossFire X and surround systems? Is this an inherent limitation to multi-GPU today? Or problem can be corrected by future drivers?"
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