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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Well going to be honest here, and absolutely no offense intended at Roadie or others whom have already bought their cards. I am honestly disappointed in stock 7970s. I expected more, and half believe AMD has something up their sleeve to combat Kepler. I think right now they know the 7970 is just fast enough as a single GPU card to warrant the present price. However they also know it likely won't hold up against Kepler very well, going off of nVidia's history of performance increases over their own previous gen parts.

So I'm thinking there's more to these GPUs than meets the eye. I know AMD has denied such, but that could be marketing. Maybe disabled CUs or maybe they are implementing enhancements to the GCN architecture that'll greatly increase the GPUs efficiency while not hindering clock speeds at all.

So far, for the prices asked though, I have no intention of picking up a 7900. As it stands the most i have to do is either lower or disable AA with my 5870 while leaving all other in-game settings maxed, at least for all the games I've played thus far. Considering this card only cost me $90 I'm content with this.

I'm still holding out that maybe there is a "wow!" card yet to be released from either AMD or nVidia- one that offers unbelievable performance for the price. Like the 5770 when it was released or the GTX460 back when it was released. If not, I'll skip this generation entirely and put that money towards something else- more and larger SSDs, maybe a new PSU so I can retire my present one that I've been using for nearly 6 years now, maybe an LED monitor... tons of other components to upgrade.
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