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Default Re: Linux is too slow??(FreeBSD vs Linux)


I have examined OpenGL performace of Windows and Linux with the benchmark software on another PC.

In other words it is Linux vs. Windows this time.

After all Linux is too slow again.

*** Results ***

--- Division level 100 ---
Linux is 275 fps
Windows is 1333 fps

--- Division level 500 ---
Linux is 63 fps
Windows is 359 fps

--- Division level 1000 ---
Linux is N/A(Because Linux is too slow)
Windows is 359 fps

 DOSPARA Prime Note PC Galleria MR6
 CPU: Intel Core i7 2720QM
 GPU: nvidia GeForce 540M (2GB)

 Linux :Ubuntu Linux 11.10 64bit
 Windows: Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1

<driver version>
 Linux: nvidia driver 290.10
 Windows: nvidia driver 285.62(recent version for Note PC)
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