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Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Do you have links to reviewers saying such things? Or are you just making baseless accusations?

I tend to give unbiased professional reviewers much more attention because they have no agenda as they receive parts from all firms, and bench so many cards they get good at it.

So a link to the NVIDIA forums of some guy posting "Yeeargh Driver revision X is suxorz because my game doesn't work" won't cut it.
Really? check nvidia forums and other sites that discus nvidia drivers.

There are at least 5 topics about TDR on nvidia forum, downclocking and all that sheit that's been dragging on for ever..

I can name you 5 from me, not a big deal but still its lame..

1) mouse lag
2) mouse jitter in certain games if you dont use 75hz (mostly 290.xx)
3) can cause bsod on older lga 775 sockets (puts higher pressure on ram and pcix, i customer had to raise memory timings, it was fine with older driver or any driver so far until 290.37 - 290.53)
4) Ambient Occlusion latency issue - can cause camera/mouse jitter (mostly at 8xmsaa, its ok at 16xqaa)
5) stutter in certain games, mostly streaming issue with U3E games
6) poor AA at certain angles and in certain newer games (mostly Unreal engine, since 280.xx)
7) physx 2.x.x is bad with its poor optimization, still.. And yet nvidia keeps pushing it down our..., instead of moving on to physx 3 already.


1) TDR (especially older 260,275, 460, 560gtx or low-budget gpus)
2) scaling issues
3) control panel issues
4) downclocking
5) surround issues
6) SLI stutter in a lot of games
7) 59hz bug
8) 120hz no downclocking bug
9) DPC latency issues, mostly or only 460/560gtx TI (g104/g114)

what they fixed since 270.xx

1) Codemasters EGO engine dx11 crashing (fixed since 285.xx, tnx to me and few at codemasters forums , although its not for SLI with 290.xx)
2) windows 7 boot logo screen artifact distortion (they broke it with 275.xx and it lasted until 290.xx)
3) P-states adaptive apps. bug started with 280.xx, fixed with 285.xx

Yes all is perfect by nvidia.

heh ATI sucks too, but nvidia can more especially with their 460/560gtx gpus - Tnx Jebus lol i didnt buy G104/G114
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