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Default Re: AMD Radeon HD 7970 Benchmark Thread.

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post

GTX580 =39fps, 7970 = 43fps

GTX580=69fps, 7970=72fps

GTX580=45fps, 7970 =52fps

GTX580=29fps, 7970=33fps (BF3!)

GTX580=39fps, 7970=44

I see what you mean K007, the prices of the 7970 do seem a little out of line with performance.

With GTX580s available at $449 AMIR, are those extra 4-5fps truly worth another $100?

EDIT: I noted the good scaling results in my CF issues OP to be fair and inclusive of available info.
Cherry pick all you want trollo, oh here let me cherry pick one...

48% to 80% faster than the fastest overclocked GTX 580. Win.
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