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Default Re: 7970 CF issues

And here is something extra for you

1. If you're a moderator then why am i saying this to you? you should be aware of current nvidia driver state, and news flash it doesn't looks so good since 258.96+ (this was still with my old 250gts).. All 26x.xx were bad, the only "perfect" driver was 270.90 tesla driver xD..

And now with my 570gtx its 285.xx+. I have this new gpu since April and basically had to wait for 5-6months to say im happy and enjoy it, but now with 290.xx not so much, again.

1.1 Idc about those people, i've been actively following nv drivers over the net since 2007 so i know what i see/have seen or experienced in the past/or now.

2. heh few games, what about newer games or older that worked fine, but now dont anymore because nvidia driver team decided to break something in favor for other stuff -_-

Instead of taking criticism, you say everyone who bitches about driver is a clueless spammer and then you go and name one typical example of some anti nv nerd, what about all those issues i mentioned a? all fake? lol
Sorry but you sound like that "anti nv nerd" here in this 7970crosfire thread trying to make AMD look bad..
what Im doing here is proving you wrong that its not always greener on the green side.

I like nvidia, but lately not so much anymore, driver team lacks quality..

edit: since you removed your rants im gonna remove few of mine, but not all of them..
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