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Default Re: AMD Radeon HD 7970 Benchmark Thread.

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
The 580s offer things the 6970s don't:

1. PhysX
2. Real 3d
3. Forced ambient occlusion
5. Multi GPU drivers that work the day a game launches
6. Features like AA or texture decompression in some games that aren't there for ATi
7. CUDA apps

So yeah, with more performance on tap, and a non poor dick broke feature set, I did recommend 580s over 6970s. (and similarly don't think 7970s performance margin makes them a better buy as they have the same feature set with some pretty meaningless additions like "adjustable tesselation".
1. Yeah how about them 2 physx games last year? LOL. Its dead.
2. Actually, IIRC, AMD actually has support for 3d in more games than NV does via third party software.
3. Yawn. Worst feature ever, kills performace and adds an effect most people can't even see.
4. AMD has SSAA too.
5. SLI has the same number of problems as crossfire, NV only claims better in TWIMTBP game where they've bought off early access to game code, kudos for that, I guess.
6. Name some?
7. OpenCL apps.

Awesome feature set brah.
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