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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
any legit specs on the kepler yet? or is nvidia reworking their plans? its one hell of a long wait for nvidia
Apparently you are unaware of how the design process works. Allow me to be of assistance.

The chips are designed over yeaars, NVIDIA can't "rework their plans" because AMD released a part that is a whole 16% faster than what NVIDIA was doing a year ago.

So basically what Kepler was a year ago is what Kepler is today. A better question might be: "Why would NVIDIA need to redesign Kepler as they have never released a part that was as small of an increase over their last gen as the 7970 turned out to be?".

Not to mention it's been rumored at several sites the 7970 was rushed to market to get some sales in the only market it can (one with no competition) and that the real ATi refresh will happen later this year. The 7970 is going to be 2012s Bulldozer, first to market, and worst to market. A part made to scam $550 out of people crazy enough to think what NVIDIA has been working on the last few years won't make 16% over the 580 look like weaksauce.
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