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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Open mouth, spout nonsense, per usual. 480>580 is not a core redesign. Google "tick tock launch strategy", return and post smarter.
"Tick tock" strategy is Intels coined term, way to fail bro.

But let me quote you again, exactly:

as they have never released a part that was as small of an increase over their last gen as the 7970 turned out to be?
580 is a part, right? 480 was the last gen before that, right? Alrighty then, thanks for playing. Perhaps you meant architecture? Even so, why don't you take a little trip down the history files of your favorite site, techpowerup...

GTX 285 ---> GTX 480, 28%.

8800 GTX ---> GTX 280, 27%. Note that the 8800 Ultra isn't included, which would diminish this gap further.

From your own link, 6970 ---> 7970 is 23%, and those are the averages, which include low resolutions you would never use them for, if you look at the top resolution and compare, you end up with 30% for 285/480, and 28% for 6970/7970. Roughly the same. Cool story bro.

Oh, maybe you meant against the competitors product, that 16% number you like to quote...

Check the same links again, 480 was an impressive 10% faster than the 5870 that preceeded it by 7 months. Hmm, I guess 480 was a worse failure than the 7970, according to your own logic. 580 was 13% faster than the 6970, 3% worse failure than the 7970. Awesome.
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