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Default Re: AMD Radeon HD 7970 Benchmark Thread.

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
1. Yeah how about them 2 physx games last year? LOL. Its dead.
2. Actually, IIRC, AMD actually has support for 3d in more games than NV does via third party software.
3. Yawn. Worst feature ever, kills performace and adds an effect most people can't even see.
4. AMD has SSAA too.
5. SLI has the same number of problems as crossfire, NV only claims better in TWIMTBP game where they've bought off early access to game code, kudos for that, I guess.
6. Name some?
7. OpenCL apps.

Awesome feature set brah.

You know to tell you the truth HD5870 and HD6970 Tess performance over Fermi is joke in fact GTX470 setup smokes HD6970 setup in Crysis 2 or Metro 2033. With HD7970, AMD managed to beat Fermi tess performance but by very small margin which leads me to conclusion that Fermi compared to three AMD series 5000, 6000, 7000 was very well designed. I say that HD7000 series has no chance against Kepler since GTX580s is not that far behind HD7970. of course unless AMD is planning 8000 series soon after Kepler gets released

From my experience and i owned cards from both camps SLI is still superior over Crossfire. Crossfire is really hit and miss and takes AMD bloody at least two months to get it right. Lately they have been doing much better on that front so we will see. Physx is really nice and speaking of 3D for people who haven't seen Nvidia 3DVision in action they don't know what you are missing especially for 3DMovie playback.

OpenCL is joke, didn't find a single example of being used. Cuda is way to go and hopefully AMD starts supporting it for their video cards since Nvidia opened it up (Open source).

So in my mind if you own HD6970 or 580, 7970 is not for you unless you got money to burn.
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